Finding your dell printer ip address

Links to the Printer Settings Report menu. Print Server Settings. Links to the Print Server Settings Reports menu. Copy Printer Settings. Links to the Copy Printer Settings menu. Print Volume. Links to the Print Volume menu. Printer Information. Links to the Printer Information menu. Tray Settings. Links to the Tray Settings menu.

E-Mail Alert. Links to the E-Mail Alert menu. Set Password. Links to the Set Password menu. Online Help. Order Supplies at:. Contact Dell Support at:. Links to the Dell support page. Toner Level. Displays the percent of toner remaining. Indicates that consumables are available. Indicates that consumables are used up. Paper Trays. Indicates that there is some paper in the tray but the quantity is unknown.

Add Paper. Indicates that there is no paper in the tray. Displays the maximum capacity status of the paper tray. Displays the size of paper in the tray.

How do I Find the IP Address of my Dell Printer?

Output Tray. Indicates that the tray is available.

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Indicates that the tray is not available. Indicates that the cover is closed.

Adding a Printer in Windows 10

Indicates that the cover is open. Printer Type. Displays the type of printing for your printer. Printing Speed. Displays the printing speed for your printer. Displays the location where the printer fault occurred.

How to Find the IP Address of a Local Printer in Vista |

Displays the details of the printer fault. Dell Service Tag Number. Displays Dell's service tag number. Asset Tag Number. Displays the printer's asset tag number. Printer Serial Number. Displays the printer's serial number. Memory Capacity. Displays the memory capacity. Displays information on the printer's hard disk. Processor Speed. Displays the processing speed. Printer Revision Levels. Firmware Version. Displays the revision date revision level. Network Firmware Version.

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Displays the job id. Job Name. Displays the file name of the job being printed.

Displays the job owner's name. Host Name. Displays the name of the host computer. Job Status. Displays the status of the job being printed. Displays the status of the host interface. Job Submitted Time.

Displays the date the print job was submitted. Displays the file name of the completed print job. Output Result. Displays the status of completed print jobs.

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  5. Impression Number. Displays the impression number. Displays the number of pages in the job.

    Method one: Connect to a network and enable auto discovery (Windows 8/8.1 only)

    System Settings. Displays the amount of time before the printer enters the power saver mode after it finishes a print job. Alert Tone. Displays whether the printer sounds an alarm when an error occurs. Displays the specific amount of time the printer waits to receive additional bytes of data from the computer. Panel Language. Displays the language of the text on the operator panel screen. Auto Log Print. Displays whether the printer outputs logs automatically.