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Can anyone suggest a mail client that doesn't download your mail and potential malware onto your machine, or are there any email services out there you can completely use without Java? I send an email to a cluster of recipients, then I forward to a different group, not copying any of the original recipients. I don't want them to see what I am saying to the other group. Somehow the first group receives a copy of my second email.

Very embarassing. Most annoying is that "not spam" does nothing to "train" the spam filter. Perhaps there should be a separate Contact for names like that. I have been attempting to "Train" the filter for months on the same names, to no avail.

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Further, I hate the new look that hogs resources. I don't need "pretty", I need function. And that stupid automatic filtering "promotions" and such is terrible. Slow, bloated, not user friendly BTY gmail really really sucks,. The company went to it and I can't stand it. I despise Gmail's "New Message Composer" popup and I am going to, after many years, find another email to use from now on.

So the email you get here won't do you much good. It's absolutely frozen! The only way you can get back to the original email is by taking two totally extraneous, extra steps: 1 step: going to View and 2 step: going to "Hide Reader". I am going out of my mind and my irritation level is out of sight! I must constantly make sure that I insert a space between words to disable the autmatic insertion or my email becomes incoherent.

Is this glich a function of Smart Reply? I never asked for it, and hate it!!! Suddenly, almost whenever I open a new email, it instantly goes into "Reader" mode, where a dead white rectangle pops up with the incoming text on it, somewhat enlarged. The problem is, that rectangle completely covers the original email - which you can't get back to!

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I can only get rid of it by going to View and then, "Hide Reader", but I have to do this individually, each time! I want to get rid of it permanently!! I hate the way, on the front gmail page, Google assigns 2. It is such a spacewaster - the usual height of an email is 9mm. I cannot find any way of fixing this. I would post a screenshot but I can't find anywhere to add attachments.

I continuously put things in junk that need to just go to trash. Is there any way to fix this issue? My company switched from Outlook to Google Mail last week. It is so awful and primitive. Incoming attachments show up at the bottom as primitive as Yahoo. Even the nomenclature is childish.

One thing that is a plus is I check email every couple of hours instead of more frequently. I cannot edit the subject line at all times like I could when I had Outlook at work. Once items are in Sent, you cannot move them out of there like I could in Outlook. If a note is in Trash, I cannot reply to it or forward it. When printing, the dumb giant GMail logo takes up lots of space. I want the vertical scroll bar on the left side to always show.

Where can I adjust this? Where can I set up rules for getting incoming eMail to land in certain folders?

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In Outlook, this was so easy. I cannot sort my e-mail notes in each folder by simply clicking on column headings like I could in Outlook. I cannot specify which columns I want to see. I cannot adjust the column widths. Editing is awful. Lots of blank lines get inserted and when I delete them, they all come back Notes cannot be moved back to Sent once you move them to Trash.

As an eMail thread grows, the To and CC lists on the older portions of the thread get removed. I am plotting my exit Sooo annoying to have to search for the little lines and repeatedly try to get an entire convo open. This is the most non functional piece of Gmail. It's virtually impossible to search your email, because Gmail doesn't extend the existing conversation to previous conversations in one email chain.

Also, the other worst thing about Gmail is the fact that the new conversations start on the bottom. Why is this world would you put new newest conversation strings at the bottom. Lastly, why in the world are all the attachments nested in each email string, at the bottom of each email. It's impossible to search for a specific email, and get what you are looking for.

Outlook literally does searching for historical emails perfect, and Gmail is literally useless. Terrible email front end. I had no problem with much of the new Gmail. I save drafts in Drafts to use as boilerplate, and I couldn't figure out how to get ANY mailboxes to appear! If I learn how to do this, I'll be able to use the newest version of the new Gmail. And deal with the cartoony colors and weird look. Webex integration— now it takes several steps to add a webex link to a meeting.

In Outlook, you just clicked a button to add it, now you have to go to meetings. This is a big time sink for us 2. Use of summit wide and personal distribution lists — very hard to figure out which ones to use and where to find them and who the owners are or which ones to use for targeted emails. Very hard to find personal groups cannot just type the name of the group in the TO field and send like Outlook 3. No purple Out of office status for when others view your calendar to set up a meeting 4.

Cannot do file send as paperclip email icon within all MS Office docs for a quick way to send an attachment. Now you have to save the file and go into a new email and attach it 2 extra steps — again, slows down productivity This one was big for me, as I edit and send straight from PPT and Word all the time. Printing docs from gmail is weird — double spaces some items and takes 2 pages versus 1 page in outlook 6. Cannot open an email from someone, right click and be able to call them directly from the FROM field like Outlook — now an extra step or two to find them in jabber and dial their extenstion.


Seeing if building rooms are booked or free 8. Have had the gmail inbox freeze up several times and have to refresh browser to work again again, slows me down 9. When adding a group distro list, you have to refresh your browser to get it to work and if you had emails open half typed, it loses all of the emails and you have to start over Cannot just highlight an email and hit delete on keyboard — have to click on little trash can icon another step Lack of multiple signature block types internal vs.

My biggest issue with gmail is that it has stopped working with the Mac mail app - I delete emails - and then they show up again - I move emails to local folders - and they show up i the inbox again. Tried reinstalling gmail - but now it not download any of the older messages. Seriously - you can not expect someone who receives more the emails per day - with attachments - images - cad files etc - to use the web version that has one of the most unproductive layouts I ever seen.

I installed Airmail 3 hoping for a better result - but still a lot of issues. That includes both incoming emails and the lists of recipients when I'm sending out a bcc email.

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Very annoying when I'm trying to delete a few of the recipients in that outgoing email. It's not necessary. The second thing is the large blank area with a picture of a telephone that's encouraging me to "make a call" is covering up my list of folders on the left side of the emails.

I know I can bring the list back by just placing the arrow on top of where they should be and they show back up. So why keep bugging me about it? That area just appeared recently. I went to the browser but it looks like it is only autofill for filling out forms on different websites and doesn't have anything to do with gmail. I have a mac OS X, and use Safari 4.

I don't have antivirus software or extensions. This happens on my desktop computer as well.