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The Network is comprised of nine regional legal aid programs, providing legal assistance to eligible clients in every county in Pennsylvania, and six specialized legal aid programs, providing legal services in specialized areas of the law or to special groups of eligible clients.

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At the time, the woman was struggling to pay for a new roof and furnace for the old house where she cared for her granddaughter. One of our member legal aid programs, North Penn Legal Services, filed an appeal for her. Without legal aid, the woman would have been unfairly penalized.

Current Funding for legal services in Pennsylvania is not sufficient to meet the needs of everyone who requires legal assistance. Your support for the effort to provide legal assistance to those who have no where else to turn is needed and very much appreciated. Support Us.

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PLAN, Inc. The PLAN network offers direct representation to low-income people as well as information on legal rights and remedies. Martin Luther King, Jr. Remember-it is important to discuss fees at your first meeting with a lawyer and to have a fee agreement in writing before or within a reasonable time after hiring him or her. If you need a lawyer but cannot afford legal fees, contact the legal aid or legal services office in your county.

If you are not satisfied or are uncomfortable with the lawyer you have been referred to, you are not obligated to hire that lawyer. It is important to hire a lawyer that you feel comfortable with and trust. The lawyer listing provided to you will include participating lawyers that are in your area and handle your type of case. Please note, lawyers that you are referred to are not obligated to accept your case.

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Be prepared. When you call to make an appointment, ask what papers and materials you should bring to the first consultation.

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Be prepared to tell the lawyer all background information relating to your legal matter. You may also want to make a list of questions to ask the lawyer. Ask about fees. Find out how much the initial consultation will cost. If your legal matter will require work beyond that, be sure to discuss the fees and ask for them in writing.

Most lawyers charge for time spent on the phone. Keep a list of things you want to ask and cover them all in one phone call or go over them at your next scheduled appointment.

Keep records. Keep any material you receive from your lawyer in one place.