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Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between and with a migration boom between and when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Court order for birth records in New york? Post Reply Search Advanced search. Does anyone have any information on where to start this process on my own?

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I would prefer not to go through a lawyer if possible. Re: Court order for birth records in New york?

Thank you! I am 73 years old, with no information on my birth parents or other biological relatives. Ancestry DNA informed me about my ethnicity, but unfortunately no close relatives were found. What a thrill to know that in a few months I will finally be able to see my authentic birth certificate instead of the offensive fake Certificate of Birth by Adoption!

Yes, fake birth certificates are offensive.

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We need to abolish this absurd law that revokes, seals, and replaces birth certificates of all adopted people. Until we do, this adoptee access law will be helpful. What a huge milestone! After many decades belonging to different organizations trying to make this happen, you all did it! I have been watching in such angst hoping it would get to a vote, and that the vote would be positive! And what an overwhelming vote it was! Thanks to all of you who put in so many long hours, and have stuck with it for all these years, so those of us who were adopted can find out who we are!

I am so excited to look forward to seeing my OBC, and to show it to my kids.! Thank you so much! Congratulation to all NY adoptees. This is merely a civil right ….. Thank you so very much!! Will someone take us through the steps we need to take to obtain our birth certificate? This is our day. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. Please continue to let us know how and when to be present when needed.

So grateful for your work. Thank you so much for your tireless work. Watching the past 2 days unfold has been astounding. Clearly it was hard work and careful planning and positive attitudes. Just plain, never giving up. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! There are a LOT of adoptees who will be sleeping like babies tonight!

Thank you so very much. My father was from Ireland and adopted in NYC. My children and I have a right to dual citizenship but not the paperwork to pursue it. My heart feels so full for all of you who are now able to open up a whole new world for yourselves. Congratulations to all! From a mother in Pa who was happily reunited with her daughter.

I was adopted in England and got my records 20 years ago.

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What an exciting, I-exhilarating day… actually last two weeks. It is like a global community, each one of us doing our part in the drama of accomplishing something for all. Early mornings and late, late nights into early mornings. Thanks to all who made this happen. It indeed takes a world to give adoptees their rights. I was born in NY but now live in NC. Do we write the court or County we were born in or do we need to go in person?

Just curious of the process.

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I am so incredibly grateful!!! It would be ridiculous for anyone to expect adopted people to travel to where they were born to obtain a copy of their Original Birth Certificate when this becomes law. I am so so so happy. A life changer and 83 years overdue. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who worked so hard to make this reality. Thank you, I am 67 years old and saw how hiding who a childs parents were in an adoption caused such hurt.

Our children were both foster children, we were urged to cut all ties with their birth families but refused because our daughter has several siblings, and we wanted her to know them.

Our son was the child of a paranoid schizophrenic who did not know who his father was. Keeping in contact with her family was the only chance we had to learn about her illness and genetic issues. Some of the relationships have lasted and worked out some have not, but that happens in every family. Our children know who and where their birth families are, they never have to worry about whether or not we love them because we have been honest with them. Because we chose to maintain contact we were able to control access to ensure it took place in our home or other safe controlled environment.

It was made very clear to the birth families, that we would make all decisions regarding parenting our children, that they could offer opinions which we may or may not consider, just as in other more traditional families, but the final decision was ours alone.

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That both sets of birth families must accept that although related by adoption our children were siblings and they would be treated as that. Both of our children as adults have safe appropriate relationships with some of their birth family members, and have chosen to distance themselves from others, but that has been their choice and not ours as it should be. What a wonderful day for New York adoptees. As an adoptee from Pennsylvania, I know how treasured that original birth certificate will be. Thank you!!

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I have tears in my eyes as I read this. I am adopted and have been reunited with my birth family — parents and siblings — since The only missing piece is my original birth certificate! My birth mother supports me in wanting this last piece of my history, but even she is unable to have it. You have changed the lives of many many people for the better. No longer will children have to live their whole lives not knowing where they came from..

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I am one of them and forever grateful.. Can you please help me. I am 65 yr old female. This is great, but what if there was no agency involvement? Requests to obtain certificates or records from Hungary are accepted in person during office hours or via mail. If you submit a request via mail, please ensure that a notary public attests to your identity and signature. Send the application forms to the diplomatic or consular representation whose area of responsibility includes the state you live in find more information on consular districts here.