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I would not have listed a father. I also have medical information you need to know. I do know that i was adopted through Catholic Charities in Florida. Sharon Mitchell was the mother. I "Willie Smith " is the father. I was able to visit Micheal twice when he was with a foster family outside of Tampa in I lost contact due to a bad relationship which I was involved in. I felt that would not have been a good situation.

I have always wanted to find my son. This very very important to me. I do not want him to feel that he was unwanted. We had a great conection thr few times I got to visit him. I was put up for adoption at birth by my mother in Miami, Florida. Little is known of my father. My family and I currently reside in Arlington, VA. Feel free to email me should you have any information.

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Female Male Select Answer. Indicate the birth year of the adopted person. Indicate the birth month of the adopted person. Indicate the birth date of the adopted person. He also was on board the inaugural ride of the Harbour Island People Mover , an automated guideway transit service that carried visitors between downtown Tampa and Harbour Island across the Garrison Channel from to Also a photo of Jerome in They were soon joined by brothers Abraham, Isaac and Julius in the business.

In the s, the brothers went their own ways.

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Abe came to Tampa and opened his dry goods Palace on Franklin St. He was soon joined by Isaac, and together they became "Maas Brothers". It was fought with mightier weapons--the pen, the word, capital and the law. When Tampa found out that the military was about to abandon Fort Brooke, in late many Tampans desired that this land should not be developed for commerce or industry, but instead set aside as a public park for its great natural beauty. Read about the plan that Tampa citizens came up with to gain title to the land, and the legal battles that ensued. Learn about the players, the plan, the fort and the land, and see many photos related to the fort, including two cannon from the fort placed in Plant Park, here at TampaPix.

Read about the individuals whose lives influenced the naming of Tampa's thoroughfares, and learn the reason why some places are named as they are. See why!

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Kennedy Blvd. Brorein Street and bridge, downtown Tampa. The name of Fortune Street downtown conjures up images of boom-time prosperity, with business owners making a fortune in profits, but this isn't why this street and the bridge, now named the Laurel Street bridge, were named. See the newly updated feature about Fortune Street and the bridge, with new photos, scenes from the film " The Punisher " shot on this bridge, and more, here at TampaPix. Frank Scozzari Adamo feature!

EASIEST LABOR AND DELIVERY Welcome Spencer Edward Luke!

Moses White Blvd. Poetry in Motion - Streets in Sunset Park are named for 15 poets, see them all in one place! Marion and Morgan , parallel downtown streets and unparalleled generals. Why did Tampa name a street after the state of Nebraska? Bruce B. Cinchett's legacy in Tampa and see 2 newly discovered photos of John F. Cinchett's last neon sign which is still around today. This unofficial website is intended to provide information about the history of the City of Tampa Fire Department including pictures and information of apparatus and stations, past and present.

Visit Tampasbravest. See some beautiful color photos of Tampa scenes in the mid to late s, scanned from color slides. All photos courtesy of Tampa native Yvonne Colado. See the full size photo here or click on the photo at right. The order to start the revolution in Cuba against Spain in was hidden in a cigar made in West Tampa, carried on the H.

Plant steamer "Mascotte" to Key West, and from there smuggled in to Cuba and the leaders of the revolution by the hands and mouth of no less than 3 different men. The O'Halloran Bros.

All these facts are closely tied together The result of one of Roosevelt's WPA projects in Tampa, Cuscaden was home field for many baseball players from Tampa who went on to the major leagues. For many West Tampa and Ybor City youths, the public pool at Cuscaden was where they first learned to swim. Boxing on Florida's west coast had its revival at the Cuscaden boxing arena in the 40s. The park was the focus of athletic social interaction during the war years, and served as a respite from the solemn news that WW2 brought to the forefront in those days.

Read about the ballpark, pool, Arthur W. Robles was born in and migrated as a stowaway at the age of 15 from his native Spain. He is said to have jumped ship in in Georgia and headed to Florida after marrying in Georgia. Read about the Robles and see original land surveys of Tampa that show where the Robles properties were located.

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If you work in downtown Tampa, chances are you drive through it every day. Armwood High School in Seffner, which opened in , was named after her. An early 20th-century Renaissance woman, Ms. Armwood steadfastly held the values of hard work, religious morality, and judicial equality before the American consciousness. She used diplomacy to present these ideals to the American public. Called a "Female Booker T. Washington," Armwood served as liaison between the black and white races.

She was administrator, educator, innovator, writer, and poet. Read about Blanche Armwood at TampaPix. See interior photos added Oct. She performs her job with pride, on the 10th floor where she's worked ever since she started there in the early s.

She's always punctual and doesn't plan on slowing down or retiring any time soon! READ a bout and see photos of "Hortense the beautiful" as she's known to many. Also learn about the city hall building, its history and design. On the above date, a C cargo plane made a forced landing in the parking area of Al Lopez field.

It came to rest against a utility pole, just feet from a house which was across Himes Ave. Stories circulated amongst the locals that it carried reptiles and that snakes escaped to roam the neighborhood until they were rounded up. Part of this is true; read on! Read about the heroic efforts of neighborhood residents to rescue the 9-man crew from the flaming wreckage. The original Gandy Bridge was the work of a dreamer--unquestionably. Only a dreamer of the most pronounced type could have conceived such a project and only a dreamer could have believed that it would some day be completed.