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In the state records section, all records are collected from the Rhode Island Family History. All town records were sourced from the Rhode Island Family History, including microfilm copies of some early original records. There were also other major changes in and This act aimed to ensure that all members of the public could access public records in Rhode Island. All records held by local and state government can be accessed and copied by the residents of Rhode Island.

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Last Name:. Divorce Records Divorce records are handed out by government officials in the state of Rhode Island, after said event is registered. Marriage Records Marriage records are also handed out by government officials after the wedding is registered in Rhode Island. Birth Records Birth records usually refer to the certificate issued upon the birth of every child in Rhode Island, or, alternatively, a certified copy of the certificate.

Why are these records available to the public? State Archives.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Some ancestors of mine immigrated to the US. Jose Correia in and afterwards his wife, child and mother-in-law. It seems his wife died while in labor and afterwards the family came back to Portugal.

But his wife was definitely buried in the US.

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I have found registers of Jose Correia entering the US, but I didn't find the immigration records of the women that went afterwards. I might have found the grave of his wife Maria Lucinda.

They didn't give her surnames in Portugal, most probably because her father was declared unknown. Anyways the date of birth matches exactly the name on the following grave. Maria L. Correia could be Maria Lucinda. It seems to be a catholic cemetery and I called the local parish and unfortunately they couldn't say anything about the grave since there was a fire in the s where they lost a lot of records. I also didn't find anything on familysearch.

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I'm a bit stuck here. How can I find more information about this grave afterwards? I also know the precise date of Maria Lucinda's birthday and where she was born in Portugal. If you want to give me advice about how I can find more information about Maria Lucinda online, I'd like that.

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But what I'm really asking is which registry or archive I need to reach out for to ask if they know something about this grave. When dealing with online databases, especially where the record creator or indexer may have been unfamiliar with the correct spelling of a surname, sometimes it is worth searching just on first name and some other known characteristics alone.

A possibility for Maria L. Correia, for example, might be this record. I can not see any trace of the name "Careau".

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  • The year of birth being might be simply because the year of birth is not directly recorded on the death certificate but it is a calculation based on her age in The film number associated with this indexed record is which relates to "deaths and index of deaths" microfilmed from documents at. Furthermore, with a free login, this film is actually online, despite the image not being linked directly.

    A short examination of the deaths for Woonsocket turns up Marie L. Careau may require you to log in to view. Important details from this: this woman was born Portugal, and buried in the Precious Blood Cemetery.

    Her husband was Joseph and there is an address 18 Jansen Ave , which hopefully you can link back to your family. It also looks to me like her cause of death, though not easily readable, could start with the word puerperal, which would make sense if it was related to childbirth. This section contains facts about records that are regarded as open and public in the city of Woonsocket.

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    This includes local property ownership, information on a citizen's birth, marriages and death records, as well as any Woonsocket archives relating to individuals or their family. You can find records pertaining to court dates, divorce proceedings, the involvement in those proceedings, those involved with the proceedings, settlements and outcomes within the Divorce Records Section. This info have been collected going back as far a 3 decades, and remain readily available for study and procurement within this section.

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    This section covers court proceedings involving infractions, misdemeanors and felony traffic transgressions. This includes occurrences involving drivers who are under the influence, those who commit significant traffic violations such as wrongful death, in addition to first time and repeat offenders in the city of Woonsocket. The People Search allows someone to find and locate people based on details like their first and last name, actual or email address, phone number, family members or house mates.

    More details about the certain citizen is provided upon locating that citizen inside the corresponding database. These records are collected from both public and private sources across the nation.

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